Trespassing Case 6392​

This is Detective Kurt Brindle with C.S.I.  I work in the Jerusalem office and came into work today to find a case of trespassing on my desk.  Normally these cases are not given to investigators.  However, it was asked as a special favor by an anonymous leader for us to "look into it".  Without much information to go on, I will need your help.


The complaint, although trivial in nature, can be a very dangerous crime.  Without knowing the identity of people coming and going in your city, who is to say what they are doing and if they are up to no good.  While the local law enforcement is investigating this one, they asked that we keep this case quiet so as to not alert the trespassers they are on their trail.


After reading the report, it was clear the complainants were unsure of the number of trespassers. They also had no idea as to what they may have been doing in their city.  They could only speculate that the perpetrators were up to no good.  The local law enforcement conducted interviews with local residents, but would not share their findings with us due to the sensitivity of the matter.  I knew I had to take a trip to see where these criminals entered and left the city.  Perhaps they would have left a clue and the locals did not find it?


I believe my captain gave me this case because I have been working on similar cases all around the area.  Could it be the same people doing this in various places?  If so, why?  I left my office and headed north by northwest.  It was not that long of a trip so upon arrival to the city, I showed my credentials and entered.  There was a lot of security due to the heightened awareness of these trespassers.  Everything looked quite normal to me.  There were a number of homes directly in view as you entered the city and all seemed normal.  It seemed as if they knew I was an investigator.  As I walked by, they all closed their doors or windows.  You know how it is, no one wants to get involved.   I did manage to speak with a few people here and there, but there was nothing out of the ordinary.  No one saw anything.  They all seemed to motion in one direction though during each conversation.  I couldn't tell if they were trying to tell me something or not.  I shrugged it off and left.  It seemed that no matter what I did, I hit a wall.


Just outside of town was a little diner.  I stopped and had the special; meatloaf and potatoes.  It wasn't bad, but it sure wouldn't have won an award either.  I was the only one eating which seemed unusual to me.  

"Excuse me", I said to the waiter.  "Is it normally this slow in here?"

"Not at all", he stated.  "This place is usually very busy but because of all of the turmoil in the area, I guess they are afraid to leave their homes".

"What turmoil is that?" I asked.

"There have been a lot of battles here and there in various cities", he said.  "Now it seems the battles are drawing closer to our area.  I wouldn't be surprised if there was one here soon".

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"It just makes sense", he said.  "The aggressive nature of our neighbors to the south seem to have everyone on edge".

As I left, I started thinking about some of my other cases and started to see a pattern.  First trespassers, then battles.  I immediately went back to the office.  I had a hunch I figured this one out but just needed names.  


Who were the trespassers and where did they trespass?