Theft of Property Case # 13931

Good Afternoon, I am Detective Connie Bronson with C.S.I.  When I came in this morning for work, I had a case file sitting on my desk.  I need your help to assist in figuring this one out.  A lady came in yesterday to our Upper Mesopotamia office and filed a complaint.  She stated that someone stole some very personal items from their home but was very vague as to what they were. Her name was Ruti.  She did not give us much to go on due to the fact that the items stolen were very private.  She did say that the items were last seen at her residence and while they were small, they were not jewelry or money, but that they were infinitely more valuable.  I also inquired as to when the theft would have taken place.  She could only pinpoint the time between 9 pm and 9 am of the day before yesterday.  When pressed why her husband did not file the complaint, she simply grumbled under her breath and left.  Normally the man of the house was to file a complaint like this.  


Because the victims live in tents, security is usually an issue.  With so many people having access to the head of the family's residence, it could have been anyone.  More than likely, if taking something very personal, it would normally be a family member or a trusted servant.  It would not look out of place for someone who is used to being seen in the tent to be coming out of it with something in their hands from that tent.


Since I was just coming off of vacation along the Euphrates River, I decided to head north to the Upper Mesopotamia office.  The lady's address was missing from the file so I was unsure if it was purposely left out.  I wanted to go up and "snoop" a bit in the office there.  As I was traveling, I couldn't help but notice how busy the traffic was.  I passed many a large family moving from here to there.  I stopped at a store in Carchemish near Gilead for supplies.  I saw a very large group of people inside.  The store was huge and this group just about filled the entire store.  The line was very long so I patiently waited in line to pay for my things.  While waiting in line, I asked the gentleman in line in front of me where their group was headed.  He smiled and simply said he did not know, but that the "head of the family" seemed to be in a hurry.  He was getting paid so he didn't seem to mind all of the excitement.  


As I left and continued on my way, I thought about what little information I had to go on.  If only I knew what was stolen.  Then it dawned on me.  I turned around and went back to the store.  By the time I got back, the big group of people was gone.  It was just a hunch, but I thought I would ask the store clerk about the group that was just in.  He said they bought a few things and left.  He would not tell me what they bought so I decided to keep going on my own journey.  


I arrived at the office in Upper Mesopotamia and spoke with the attendant that took the report from Ruti, my victim.  

"Are you sure there was no address?"  I asked.

"She didn't leave one", he said.  "However, because they move around a lot, the victim stated we could find her and her group in or near Padan Aram".

"And she did not say what the items were that were stolen?"  I asked.

"No", He said, "but she did look up every time she mentioned them".

"She looked up?" I asked.

"Yep", he said.  "She would talk about the items that were stolen and then look up with sadness".

"Up into the air?" I asked.

"That's right", he said.


I immediately got up and headed to Padan Aram.  I believed I knew what was stolen and all indications led me to believe I knew who stole them.  The big question was still why she made the report and not her husband.  As I was leaving, a large group of people ran me off the road and the one leading the group seemed very angry.  I took a chance and yelled, "RUTI".  The angry man in the front leading this large group turned around.  When he turned around,  I knew.

What was stolen and who did it?