Missing Persons Case #3239

My name is Detective Perry Steele.  I work for C.S.I. and have been given a difficult case and need your help.  Last evening, a tip came into the bureau that we had a missing person.  Normally, a family member or a friend will bring us the information and file the complaint. Here, let me play the phone call for you.


"C.S.I., this is the tip hotline"

"Yes, this is Amy Tie and I need to report a missing person.  I am afraid to give more information because...   " (the phone went dead)


It was hard to tell if it was a man or a woman that left the message because they were whispering and seemed to be covering their mouth with something while they spoke.  The only thing I got from this message was the name, Amy Tie, or it sounded like that.  Even that sounded muffled.  All we had was a phone call that we could barely understand.  We traced the call to a payphone in a town we know as "winepress of the well".  I rang the phone, but of course, there was no answer.  I decided to take a trip to the payphone's location.  At least it would be a start.


Along the way I was hungry so I stopped into a small cafe in Nazareth.  I knew I was really close, within 5 miles, so I stopped to eat.  I am really glad I did.  I sat at the counter and ordered the double burger with fries.  Half-way through my burger, I took up a conversation with the guy seated next to me at the counter.  I couldn't help but noticed he smelled like the sea.  I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he was a tradesman and enjoyed it.  I asked him a number of questions while we ate but it was the last question that got my attention.


"So", I asked, "do you ever run into rough seas"?

"Yes sir", he answered.  "Sometimes, it is enough to scare you silly.  I am based out of Ptolemais, but my last shipment was quite a journey.  We left Ptolemais and had a stopover in Joppa.  It's a long way from home, but the money was good.  Anyway, a storm came up that was not your normal everyday storm.  It was during that storm that I, well, all of us gave our hearts to the Lord".  

"The Lord?"  I asked.

"Yes, the Lord", he responded.  "I realized during the storm that the living God is real".  

"How's that"?  I asked.

"I have to go or I will miss my ship.  We are leaving Ptolemais for a port between Cordoba and Gades.  We never made it there on our last run and need to drop shipment.  Have a nice day".


Just like that, he was gone.  I guess it was a good thing since I needed to get going as well.  When I reached the payphone, I noticed it was situated next to a fish market.  The sign said it was closed to due to a family emergency.  Of course, like a good detective, I snooped around a bit.  I saw a sign that said, "fresh fish daily".  The sign right below it said all the fish sold there was brought in from the Sea of Galilee.  I figured it was about a 12 to 15-mile drive, but didn't feel I had the time to go that far.


Before leaving for home, I picked up a newspaper and saw an article from Calah.  It caught my attention because of the headline.  It read, "The Heartless Gain a Heart".  I thought I would read it on the way back home.  When I got back to my office, I called the reporter that did the story from the paper.  He was gracious and took my call.

"Is this the guy that wrote the article about the heartless gaining a heart?" I asked.

"Sure is", he said.  "How can I help?"

"Your story intrigued me", I said.  "I knew that the king was dying, but did not know his son took over already".

"Yep", he said.  "King Shalmaneser III moved the capital to Kalhu and then got sick.  His son, Shamshi-Adad V took over".

"So, the heart thing..." I started.

"Yeah", he cut in.  "So it seems this nation that imposed fear into everyone changed; out of the blue".

"Really", I chimed in.

"Yes", He replied.  "Seems fear will do that".


As I hung up, I realized that I had heard a similar story and since this coincided, I knew who my missing person was and now had an idea of where to find him.


Who was the missing person?