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The Gap Theory III


Have you ever wondered why more people in the science field are not Christians, yet in history, most were?  If you are in any field of science, these names will ring familiar:

            Francis Collins – Geneticist

            Johannes Kepler – Planetary Motion

            Galileo – Physicist and Astronomer

            Lise Meitner – Nuclear Fission

            Sir Francis Bacon – Philosophy

            Isaac Newton – Laws of Gravity

            Andrew Pinsent – Large Electron-Positron Collider

            Stanley Jaki – Physicist

            Mike Hulme – Climate Change


It is a fact that we are infinitely more advanced than just 50 years ago.  Even on the USGA’s website, they have an Editor’s note stating:

“Online versions of previously published USGS books are presented exactly as they were printed. However, scientific information often changes before an updated version of a book can be prepared. The USGS intends to provide the interested reader with any updated information that is brought to our attention, whether it be from the author or from a reader”


Just imagine a professor of physics at Furman University.  He has earned a Bachelor’s degree in physics from Temple University, a Master’s degree for courses in physics from the University of California at Berkley, a Doctor of Philosophy in physics from Cornell University, and has been trained at NASA in their post-doctorate training program.  He believes through his education, training, and experience, that the universe is 13.8 billion years old.  One would think that this professor knows something about our universe, its beginnings, and so forth.  Now, imagine our professor being told by a 20-year-old, uneducated “Christian” that everything the professor has learned in 50 years of school, training, and experience is wrong. 


What about the 20-year-old?  He has been “saved” and told by everyone from his pastor to his Sunday School teacher, that the Bible is true and “does not lie.” He is told that, according to Biblical record, the universe can only be 6,000 years old and the Bible cannot be wrong. He truly believes the professor is wrong and the professor truly believes that the Christian is wrong. See the disconnect?  How are the two supposed to meet on common ground?  Do they even care to?


What if both are correct?  Would that be a better way to experience life, the Bible, God’s creation, etc.?  It seems that the more advanced we become as a society, the deeper the gap between Christianity and science grows.  Does that really make sense?  Should it not be the opposite?  If the God that created science is the same God of the Bible, shouldn’t they correlate?


If we were to get an honest assessment of a scientist in the field of astronomy or physics, their education would breakdown as follows:

Bachelor’s degree – 4 years

Master’s degree – 2 years

Doctoral degree – 8 years

Post-Doctoral training program – 5 years


According to www.study.com, this would be the best-case scenario in a time frame to be able to put this education to use in the real world. Could you imagine 20 years of education and training to be told that everything you believe is wrong?  You have scientific proof, yet you are wrong?  Granted, along the way there have been some odd things you discovered, yet the proof is there for an age of about 13.8 billion years for the universe.  Even with the 59-million-year buffer science allows itself for “uncertainty”, it does not come close to the projected 6,000-year stance by Christian doctrine of a “young earth” belief.


What do we do?  Do we continue to have a debate where one side is grossly over-educated and the other side claims “diplomatic immunity” by invoking the name of God and message He sent via His Bible?  What if they are both right?  What if there were truly two beginnings?  Would this allow both sides to have a conversation about the One and True Scientist; Jesus Christ? 


If the calling of the professor is to find the truth in science and to share that truth, would it make sense to allow him to do so?  And on the same token, if it is the calling of the Christian to lead the lost to Christ, would it not make sense to communicate so there would be a fuller understanding of what he was sharing? 


This series will show Biblical and scientific proof that both are correct.  The only way this can be is if there were truly two beginnings.  Let the evidence show and direct the reader to understand that the same one that created everything you see is the same one that can create in you a new beginning.


The Gap Theory IV