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The Gap Theory II


Assumption, as defined by Webster:

1. A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. 

2. The action of taking or beginning to take power or responsibility. 

While the first definition would more aptly fit this section, I dare say the second would be close.


If we start with the second definition, taking power or responsibility of a matter is the assumption of it.  Never, in the 35 plus years of being saved and going to Bible-believing churches, have I ever heard the presentation I am about to give.  Because of the first definition, I must take the second one and implement it as well.  I have always been taught that we should be teaching the whole Word and not just our favorite parts.  A church service can get testy when preaching on sin, hell, money, etc.  What about preaching about what really took place at our beginning?  What about preaching the real career of Lucifer and how it impacts us today?  I could go on and on.  However, because this section will be like no other you have probably read, keep in mind that definition number one above for assumption, is the basis of this book; only WITH proof.  Although I believe the Bible is full of proof, others will disagree.  Therefore, it makes it difficult for this to be anything other than an assumption.  I believe that it is a Biblical assumption, nevertheless.


One person’s proof is another person’s conjecture.  This series is proof of definition number one for assumption according to most, but I believe it is proof of definition number two.  Either way, the devil is in the details; literally.


Keep in mind that because the Bible has a specific meaning for each word, it becomes more valuable to learn the original meaning and intent of each.  If done, the assumption turns to a given; like a geometry problem you would have to solve in tenth grade.  A given was the factual information given in advance and used to help solve the rest of the problem.  When used properly, the rest of the problem only had one outcome.  Learning Biblical text is the same. It should be approached as any given with an opportunity to have an insight into what is coming in a bigger, more relevant message.


As this scenario is laid out, I believe this is the actual timeline as our universe was created and, subsequently, re-created.  Most of the scenario is from accumulated questions that the pulpit has ignored or found to be less than interesting.  As you read the following layout of time, remember that it comes through years of research and prayer.  I believe this is the order of how and when creation happened.  This series will then set out to present the case for it to be true.  When italicized words are seen in this section, the scripture references are from the scriptures referenced in the first section of the series, The Gap Theory I.  


History of the Universe

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.  Because God is outside of time, before this point there was no time.  Many things are being pointed out here, but the most important would be this is where our actual time began. Because in the beginning, God created everything, we wonder where He came from.  It is easier to understand that before the moment of creation, there was no time; He simply always was.  Something has a starting point when bound to time. When we relate God to time, He makes no sense.  However, when God is taken outside of time, He makes perfect sense.  The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit have always been because there was no time for them to exist in.  All three were, and are one.  God explains their positions throughout scripture for our benefit, not His. 


As vast as the universe is, and with as many galaxies full of stars and planets as there are, why would God focus in on the earth in that first statement of scripture?  Because the Bible was written to us, it only makes sense that the setting of it be where we are; with an earthly perspective.


When God created the heaven and the earth, He created everything that is.  It was done in a breath, a word, or a Word if you will.  The word created in verse 1 means, “out of nothing”.  This word indicates that God is whom He says He is; God.  Only a God could possibly create something out of nothing.  Which by the way, when we become nothing, He can make something out of us as well.


In the beginning, everything was created that was created; including Lucifer.  As a central figure in our full text of scripture, it is important to know this.  He will convince people that he is God, but he is not.  He will convince people that he is in charge, but he is not.  He is a created being with limitations.  He was created in the same breath that God used to create everything else.  Because of this, he too has a job and position.  God does not create anything without a purpose.  We are created with a purpose and unless seeking His will and direction, we may never know what that purpose is.


If Lucifer was a created being with a purpose, what was it?  God set Lucifer as the anointed cherub that covereth.  The words here mean something in Hebrew we do not see in the English.  His position was one of a protector and supervisor; a ruler or leader, if you will.  Where?  Here.  On Earth is where he was given this responsibility, and God set him so.  He was the ruler of this planet.  Over what?  There was a world here before Adam’s world.  There were beings here before Adam.  Lucifer was over this planet and these beings.


What he did to them, and to their social system, was destroy it.  In Lucifer’s twisted mind, he was doing what would give him power and prestige; the object of worship.  He believed it.  He said that he would ascend into heaven.  From where?  If he was in heaven, he could not have ascended into heaven.  He said he would exalt his throne above the stars of God.  Those on thrones rule.  But, what did he rule?  This planet and its inhabitants; and God set him so.  He said he would ascend above the heights of the clouds.  There are no clouds in heaven, only here.  He said he would be like the most HighOoops!  As interesting as this is, he never actually said these things out loud; only in his heart.  That was all it took.  Yikes!


Why would he even think he had this capability or what made him believe he could do these things?  His heart was lifted up because of his beauty.  He was corrupted because of his brightness.  Because he thought so highly of himself and his position, he defiled the very sanctuaries that were set up here for the beings to worship God.  Lucifer diverted that worship to himself.  It was in those very sanctuaries of worship that Lucifer learned to trick and manipulate the beings to worship him instead of God.


Lucifer was perfect when he was created, as are all things perfect when created by God.  With the best position and the authority to use that position, Lucifer took full advantage; and iniquity was found in him.  He made the earth to tremble in fear.  He did shake the kingdoms.  He made this world a wilderness and destroyed the cities.  He kept the beings locked up, both physically and mentally.  They were prisoners on their God-given planet; their home.  He weakened the nations


God had enough.  God judged him.  More importantly, God took away his position and his authority.  To add insult to injury, God judged the very place that Lucifer was set over; earth.  God fully destroyed it.  God brought a full end to Lucifer’s reign and his place of authority.  All the beings were destroyed.  All the earth was covered over with water.  There was even water between the heaven and the earth as well.  The heavens had no light.  Complete and utter darkness did abound.  God’s anger was fierce and effectually, His judgment. 


God made Lucifer watch.  Everything that Lucifer thought would happen, in his demented thought process, did not.  Everything that Lucifer wanted, failed to happen.  Lucifer is a created being and God made that clear with the very breath of His mouth.  God judged, and the outcome was a totally desolate and uninhabitable wasteland.  The earth had no form.  The earth was a complete void.  His point was made and now He would implement a new plan; an eternal plan.


God, along with the Word and the Holy Spirit, began implementation of the most incredible, eternal, and timeless plan of redemption and love ever devised or conceived.  He understood this plan from the foundations of the original building of the earth; the original creation.  God’s Spirit moved over the face of the abyss.  He made it clear that He did NOT create it this way, but that it BECAME this way.  Through God’s just and righteous judgment, the earth was without form and void.


Because part of the judgment was water, both on earth and in the surrounding atmosphere, the darkness was deep.  The darkness was complete and total absence of light.  God removed His presence.  When God began the restoration process, it only makes sense that He allowed the light of his presence to shine back on his canvas; like a spotlight on His work.  He did not create this light, as He simply separated it from the darkness.  There is chaos in the darkness and order in the light.  These series of actions would show the Creator going from chaos to order, or from night to day.


With the spotlight on, God separated out the waters that were in the space above the earth.  He made it visible to see all the way through from the earth.  The space between heaven and earth was now available for restoration.


After clearing the space above the earth, God separated the waters ON the earth.  He allowed the dry land to appear again and subsequently allowed the grass, herbs, and trees to return. 


God then allowed the sun, the moon, and the stars to re-appear in the space that He cleared of water so that they would be visible from the earth and used for many purposes.  Again, everything created has a purpose. 


After preparing the earth for living creatures again, God created.  The actual word for create is to bring in to existence out of nothing.  The first time this word was used is when God created the heaven and the earth.  It is now being used of whales and other sea creatures


Now He focused on living creatures on the dry land.  After creating the sea creatures, re-making the fowls of the air, and all the earthly beasts and creatures, it was time for God’s crowning achievement; Man.  While beings had occupied this planet in times past, none were created in God’s image.  As God is clothed in light, so too were Adam and Eve.  As direct creations of God, they were perfect and therefore exuded the same light, only in weak bodies.  To put such a weak vessel here with the responsibility of carrying the heritage of being in God’s image, was brilliant.  While Lucifer was given reign over this planet and the beings here before, God judged him.  He was now made to watch as God created a weaker being, yet with greater attributes; mainly eternal existence.


God then stopped his restoration process.  It was complete.  The plan was set in motion and now Lucifer was not only there to see what was done, but to interact with the new inhabitants.  Like a scorned lover, he desperately wanted his position back.  He was there to see the judgment first hand.  He was there to see the restoration first hand.  And now?  He was there to see the new inhabitants receive their role as heads of state.  They now had dominion over his planet. 


If Lucifer could coerce Adam to sin, he could regain authority over his planet.  When entering the garden to trick Adam, Lucifer was reminded of what used to be, how at one time he had everything.  Now he would get it back.  As Adam was out, Lucifer came to Eve in a form that was familiar to her and began to confuse her.  She eventually listened to and followed Lucifer in rebellion.  As Adam returns, he sees his love in a fallen state.  While confused, he has a clear mind and thinks.  As she turns and gives to Adam, he still has a choice.  Does he or does he not partake of rebellion?  He chose to give his life for his bride.  He did not understand what death was.  However, he did understand that whatever death was, he did not want her to experience it alone.  When he rebelled, he then was in a fallen state as well as Eve.  The light had left them both, and they realized it.  They realized that they were now naked.  They were no longer clothed in light. 


            Lucifer regained his authority over planet earth.  Adam and Eve were forced to leave the garden.  Not in the way that an old man would be angry with a decision he makes, but in the way a loving father would with a clear plan in place for redemption for them.  Adam and Eve were now in a completely different dimension from God and were now made to live in a different place.  Upon their exit, God placed two cherubim to keep the way clear to the tree of life.  While it would have been more than sufficient to place an angel, or even a fence to keep Adam and Eve out of the garden, God placed the highest power angels to keep the way.  He was protecting the way from Lucifer.


The only way to take the authority back from Lucifer was for God to come here, in the form of His creation, and to defeat death Himself.  Jesus Christ is the incarnation of a Holy God on this planet and lived a sinless life, died a tragic death (yet predicted and necessary), and rose from the grave.  It was His resurrection that defeated death.  This means He took back the authority over man, which was lost by Adam’s rebellion. 


Where does the earth come in?  Man was cursed, but so was the earth due to Adam’s rebellion.  While the redemption of man is complete, Lucifer knows that the redemption of the earth is still to be complete.  He also knows of a particular group of Adam’s children that make or break the return of The Messiah to redeem the earth.  While no one ever asks why Lucifer continues to torment Adam’s children here since Jesus defeated him on the cross, it is clear he does.  The reason?  He wants it back.  He wants what was once his to oversee and protect.  He destroyed it then and has done a fabulous job in convincing people to follow him.  Why?  So he can destroy it again by ruling it his way. 


The good news in all of this scenario is God put into motion, before the original creation took place in Genesis 1:1, His redemption plan.  Everything revolves around the “last Adam”.  Realistically, there is only one thing that Adam had in common with Jesus.  Jesus was sinless, and Adam was sinful.  Adam lost his authority and Jesus gained it back.   What was it that the two had in common?  Remember when Adam saw his bride (Eve) in a fallen state.  He loved her.  He had no idea what would happen to her, but he knew he did not want her to go through it alone.  So in that Adam sinned willingly, he gave his life for his bride.  Jesus gave his life for His bride, the church. 


This series will layout the above scenario scripturally, and it will throw in some other interesting things that will enhance the reading.  However, nothing written here can or is meant to supersede the Holy Word of God. Questions will come, and questions will go.  However, the one that knows all of them before they are asked, and has all the answers, is deserving of our praise and worship. Please pray as you read. Understand that the Bible is the true Word of God. 


The Gap Theory III