Who was the first person on earth?


I really appreciate such a great question.  The first person on the earth was Adam.  According to the Genesis account of creation which can be found in Chapters one and two, Adam was created by God and had breath blown into his nostrils by God Himself.  Adam’s name actually means God’s Blood.  Adam is the father of all living beings as was Eve the mother of all living beings.  Thank you so much for the great question.  Please email me anytime.  I will email you back at night since I sleep during the day.  Good night!

Where does the sun go at night?

Sabrina and Evelyn,

What a very thoughtful question you asked.  The sun looks like he is hiding at night but he really isn’t.  By the way, the sun is a friend of mine and has been for many, many years.  His name is Sully.  You see, the earth spins on its axis.  This is why we have day and night.  Because you are in one place, you see the whole 24 hour period of day and night.  In the book of Genesis in the Bible, God said that He set the sun to rule the day and the moon to rule the night.  That simply means I give light at night and Sully gives light during the day.  When it is night, the sun is out but he is on the other side of the earth shining on other people.  The same is for me.  During the day, I am shining on the other side of the earth while Sully is shining on you.  You see?  Thank you and please feel free to email me anytime.  As you see, I answer at night since I am out here at that time. Bye, Bye!

How old are you?

Ben and Thomas,

Well, I often get asked how old I am.  Most do not understand the aging process of moons.  We are different than planets and we are different than stars.  When God created the universe, He created everything.  That does not mean that everything you see was created then.  It means that all of the things required to make the things you see were made.  When you do the dating process that scientists use, I am 4.53 billion years old.  According to the creation account in Genesis, I was revealed on day 4.  There are some very deep things concerning this so I will save them for another time.  Chuck told me that you had a very good time learning about me.  I am really glad.  I hope you email me back soon.  Remember, I will email you at night because during the day, I go to sleep.  Good Night!

Can animals fly?


This question is very good.  It is an easy one if you think really hard.  Animals can fly is the answer.  But, what kind of animals?  Can a cow fly?  NOOOOOOO!  Aren’t you glad?  Birds fly because God created them to fly.  They are very light and have wings.  Their bones are hollow and allow them to flap their wings really fast to stay in the air.  Can a giraffe fly?  NOOOOOOO!  What about a fish?  Well, there are fish that people call a “flying fish”.  They say this because they jump so high and far.  However, they cannot really fly like a bird.  The same can be said of the “flying squirrel”.  It jumps a long way with “flaps” under its arms but it does not fly like a bird.  I hope this helps you and please, feel free to email me anytime.  As you see, I return the emails at night when I am out.  Bye!