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Little Bonnie is an 8-year-old little girl with lots of questions.    She befriends the moon and they embark on adventures in learning.  She is the inspiration for kids around the world to be bold and ask questions.


Monty is Little Bonnie's friend and teacher.  We know him as the moon but when we learn more about him, we see he has a name too.  Monty is very good at answering questions because he has been around since the beginning.


Martha is Little Bonnie's best friend.  She is 8 years old as well.  Martha has childhood cancer and is an encouragement to all who have this terrible disease.  She is a strong and courageous young girl and trusts God for her well being!

Charlie 2.png

Charlie Bear is Little Bonnie's closest companion.  He was a birthday present to Little Bonnie when she turned two.  He has always been there for Little Bonnie.  He loves to tease Freddie B. Hound.

FBH Sleeps.png

Freddie B. Hound is Little Bonnie's dog.  He was brought home the day Little Bonnie was born.  He has always been there for Little Bonnie.  He sleeps in her room and loves to bark at Monty! (and Hayden)


Hayden is Martha's cat.  He has been with Martha for about 2 years.  Martha loves Hayden and he has helped her keep her mind off of the challenge of cancer.  He loves to tease Freddie B. Hound and does it often!

Little Billy.png

Little Billy is Little Bonnie's baby brother.  He is just over a year old and is always a joy to be around.  Little Bonnie loves to take care of him and laughs when he makes funny noises.  Freddie B. just barks at the noises!