Capital Murder Case #2662

My name is Merrick Bronson with the Goshen office of C.S.I.  We had a representative of the "King of the World" come and file a complaint of Capital Murder with us just this morning.  He alleges that an unknown assailant murdered one of his construction site managers.  The file shows no weapons were found at the scene and the body had been discovered near a construction site.  They currently have their local law enforcement working on this but thought it best to contact us to help get this case solved.  With so little to go on, I will need your help.


The representative said we could contact him in Tanis, so off I went.  Along the way, I noticed there was a lot of construction going on.  The construction site they found the body at could look like any of these.  When I got there, He had one of his workers show me where they found the body.  I was right, it looked like all the construction sites.  This worker was instructed to not speak at all so asking him questions was pointless.  It was difficult, to say the least.  I was trying to put my case together brick by brick, but this guy was no help.  When we got back to their palace, the representative had the autopsy report in his hand. 

"What did the coroner find out?" I asked

"The cause of death is listed as blunt force".  He responded

"Blunt force", I said.  "Did they say how many times the victim was struck?"

"No", he responded, "but does it matter?"

"I guess not", I said as I left.


I am a seasoned veteran detective and have seen a million of these cases.  Usually, the victim either knows the assailant or at least has intimate knowledge of them.  It is very rare for it to be a random act.  I decided on the way back to my office to stop off for a bite to eat.  I stopped into a small diner on the way out of Tanis.  I pondered this case as I sat eating a steak sandwich.  Surely someone had to have seen something.  With all of the construction going on, it could have been a transient that killed the victim.  As I stood to pay, two men dressed like construction workers came in.  They seemed worn out from all the work.  It looked as though they were picking up an order so I asked them a couple of questions.


"Do you guys work at one of the construction sites here in Tanis?" I asked.

"Sure do", one of them replied.  "We only get a short break to eat so we are picking up the orders for everyone in our group".

"Wow", I responded.  "That is very nice of you".

"Yeah", the other chided.  "We lost our manager two days ago so everyone is on edge".

"Really", I said with an inquisitive voice.  "How did you lose him?"

"One of the big guys own hit him".  He said.

"Hit him with what?" I asked.

"No idea".  The other said.  "Oooooh, sorry, we have to go".


As they sped out of the diner, I yelled after them.  "Did you know the guy that killed your manager?"

The yelled back, "everyone did".


At that point, I knew I had enough information and my hunches were confirmed.  I contacted the representative and told him I would be in with my report.


Who was killed and who killed him?