Little Bonnie was created by Chuck Schermerhorn.  With a world full of questions for every child, he surmised that the Little Bonnie series of books could answer them.  The original idea was to have the books published under the name "Jordash Wescart".  The video below explains who Jordash Wescart is.  While Chuck has written many books before this series, only one has been published; "Gabe's Place".  

With the help of Gatekeeper Press Publishing, Chuck teamed with Angelina Valieva to illustrate the series.  The entire production is a group effort.  This website and all of the things involved with it are the brainchildren of Chuck.  That being said, there are people involved to help promote and make the Little Bonnie series a success.

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Who is "Jordash Wescart"



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and Creator

Writer and creator Chuck Schermerhorn lives in North Carolina and is a graduate of Fruitland Baptist Bible College.  Chuck has written many books and has seen three published.  His first, "Gabe's Place", was originally a play written for his church youth group but quickly became popular and was self-published.  

Writing is Chuck's passion and helps him channel the Biblical wisdom God has given him to others.  Creating the Little Bonnie series was with helping children get tough questions answered.  "Knowing that each book read will in some way help a child to learn, as well as their parents, helps me keep writing".

Illustrator Angelina Valieva was born into the family of artist Vladimir Valiev in Uzbekistan. In 2005, she graduated from Republic Art College, where she studied graphic design. She has illustrated numerous children’s books that have been published worldwide.


Angelina loves to work in different styles and techniques. One of her favorites is a mix of watercolor, graphite/colored pencils. Angelina mainly works in children's books.  “Working with children's illustrations gives you the opportunity to go back to your childhood and feel like a child again. This is a fabulous world; there are no borders and nothing is impossible. It makes me really happy when I dive into the atmosphere of a fairy tale world again and again.”


I love what I do more than anything. It is the main element in my life and inspires me to go forward and put my heart and soul into the work I do. I am happiest when I make other people happy with my illustrations, and my main critics are children.


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Donna Schermerhorn, affectionately known as "Dobbie", is the co-creator of the Little Bonnie series.  With a financial background in business, Dobbie has given insights and inspirations that have catapulted Little Bonnie into the stratosphere.

With studies in Political Science and sales, it was inevitable that Dobbie's influence would help make the Little Bonnie series a success. 



Kelly Schexnayder is the heartbeat of Little Bonnie Books.  Her imagination, vast sales background, and overall organizational skills make her the lifeblood of the organization.

With a proven track record of sales success, Kelly brings a "certain touch" to the business that makes her invaluable.  Knowing how to read to the children is just an astronomical plus!

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Company Captain




Tracey "Sally" Keith and Sharon "Nana" Carter are the behind the scenes of Little Bonnie Books.  Whether in prayer, on the phone, or just being a great support, the company could not function without these wonderful ladies.

Motivated Suppport Team

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“If you live to be a hundred, I hope I live to be a hundred minus one day, so that I never have to live a day without you.”
—Winnie the Pooh